Private Lable

Private Lable

Надійна співпраця з виробництва Private Label для торгових мереж або брендів є запорукою якості продукції, надійності у виробничих потужностях та постачаннях, а також гнучкості у прийнятті управлінських та виробничих рішень для досягнення поставлених цілей. Керуючись цим простим принципом, TRUFF ROYAL удосконалив і налагодив систему виробництва у форматі private label.

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Reliable cooperation in the production of Private Label for retail chains or brands is a guarantee of product quality, reliability in production facilities and supplies, as well as flexibility in making management and production decisions to achieve goals. Guided by this simple principle, TRUFF ROYAL has improved and set up a production system in a private label format.
Today you can order any product from our line under your private label or we will develop a new product for you. This is confirmed by the successful cases of our national and international partners: -We produce "Slash" bars under the private label of Yarych. -Since 2015, we have been making the first bars in Ukraine on EatMe wafer paper under the private label of NEW PRODUCTS. -we produce products for the private label of national retail networks ATB, VARUS, METRO. -Cooperated with Disney as part of the Disney Kitchen project, passing one of the strictest certifications in food for children.

The main benefits you will get working with us:

- input and exit speed,
- minimization of risks and costs,v -instant access to the experience of the formed team,
- access to the already adjusted equipment,
- Own R&D department,
- assistance with documentation and certification,
- logistic resources of our enterprise

In addition, our team not only carries out contract manufacturing, but also helps to create new products for business and consumer needs, resulting in the annual conclusion of a dozen new contracts for the production of private labels for manufacturing companies.

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